In a recent interview discussing illegal immigration, talk radio celebrity Laura Ingraham identified several points useful in confronting the problem:

  • mass deportation (entire families must be returned to their country of origin);
  • stop visas & foreign aid (if countries won’t repatriate their citizens and stop sending signals that illegally entering America is acceptable, then those countries should lose their foreign aid);
  • end birthright citizenship (no more ‘anchor babies’);
  • penalize employers who knowingly hire illegals (severe punishments for repeat offenders)
    build the fence along the border where practical (especially in high volume corridors);
  • end welfare to households that house illegals (food stamps, disability assistance, etc., and work with banks to make it difficult for illegals to enter into rental agreements);
  • border enforcement (use the National Guard).

Furthermore, I’d add the following:

  • halt federal aid to cities acting as ‘sanctuary cities’ for illegal aliens;
  • end chain migration laws (designed to bring in non-nuclear family members).

Americans support legal immigration, not open borders. Build the fence!

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