America Needs Your VoteHi, I’m Phil. Here you’ll discover an extensive selection of creative political graphic designs from the right, available as original gifts and apparel through various print on demand services.

I specialize in Adobe Photoshop and enjoy creating imagery focused on such areas as politics, religion, pro life, patriotism, tea party principles, economic issues, healthcare, the second amendment, energy and the climate, as well as highlighting the political scandals so prevalent in Washington D.C., today.

Give Me LibertyUnderstanding that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness continue to be subjugated by dangerously misguided elitists, it’s time to make DC listen – America needs your vote!

I often wonder what the Founding Fathers would think, now that American liberty is under siege. Never before have the bedrock principles of our Constitutional Republic been subjected to such a reckless and irresponsible usurpation of authority by the political powers that be. Truth in politics is rare and the Obama Administration had a propensity toward dishonesty, issuing utopian promises and mongering fear while bankrupting future generations solely to satiate political interests. Good riddance!

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President Ronald Reagan

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